The idea behind

CLT is not just a school of dancing or drama-it is something more. IT develops such qualities like resourcefulness, self possession, mental alertness and personality in the child. Given a careful lead, children develop a graceful posture, mental poise and fitful behavior through group training that CLT imparts. As they gain experience in playing their parts in the group, they blossom out-no longer shy, but anxious to play their part in the community as better citizens.

Young children are the same an over the world that have their own language of appreciation expressed in movement, rhythms end jingles. That is why they have no linguistic barrier. It is feeling more than ideas that they wish to convey and the most natural form of self-expression is through rhythms. This is the central idea behind CLT movement. So it has evolved a technique of its own through rhythm. Children's Theatre Show by the children end for the children is something new even to the western countries and CLT in India can very justly claim to be the pioneer in this respect and has gone a long way to make a whole child. Yet, in a sense, the efforts of CLT do not touch even the fringe of the massive requirement of this vast country. It is a pilot project to be adopted by schools, whose children are the ultimate beneficiaries. In course of these years many schools have taken up our lead to supplement their school room activities.

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