Other Courses

Age group: 4 Yrs.- 14 yrs.

Skating :   Twice a week as per class routine: Duration 40 minutes daily.
Table Tennis:   Open six days a week, Class: Twice a week.
Computer:   Duration: around 60 minutes daily .time
chess:   schedule may be suitably fixed in consultation with the respective coaches- in- charge.

Trainees of the akademi course of any age group may join in any one or more of these four courses, but not disturbing their regular class routine.


On attaining the age of 14 years, the trainees of the “Akademi Course” are awarded by  “Certificate of Companionship” of the institution, in appreciation of successful completion of their training course and joyful participation in the activities of the campus.

After appearing in madhyamick, ICSE or equivalent examination, the holders of “ Certificate of Companionship” , may be admitted into 2 years Diploma Course in Indian Classical dance. CLT Diploma Course is unique of its kind. Trainees are also specially trained in choreography, make-up, costume, stage sets and attain fair knowledge of technical units allied to production.


Age Group Class Hours :   Above 14 years – below 19 years. Two days a week , 80 minutes each day as per class routine.
Dance:   fundamental studies in the history of Indian Classical dance and flok dance. Detailed and rigorous training in the elected category of classical dance;
Choreography :   Basic training and practice in choreography of short features and dance dramas in CLT technique;

Training in production. Training in expression,  dialogue and histrionic art, character study and  representation.

Make-up & Costume:  

Advance d training in make- up and costume. Effects of stage lights   on make- up shades. Character representation through make- up and costume.

Allied Stage units:   : Basic idea and training in handling stage equipments, like Sound recording units, record and cassette players, speakers, mikes, lighting units, costume and stage craft.

Organisation & Method:


Basic training in Organisation & Methods for implementing and organizing units on CLT technique.

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