The children's little theatre is just the thing that the country needs today. The idea is commendable. The organisation is particularly happy in having the blessings of the prime minister.

Sports & pastime


Since its conception, the children's little theatre has set a standard for the development of education through joy, for the future generation of India.

Bombay standard


The juvenile group of artists is to be congratulated on what was not only a highly original but most entertaining show.

Eve's weekly


The organisation is just running in its third year, but already eight to ten thousand children in 22 schools in various parts of Calcutta are seeking membership.

Sunday standard


Without hesitation and without showing any concession to the age of the dancers one may say that the group has justified its existence and the cause of children's theatre for which it stands.

Times of India


Indian newspapers have a good deal to say about a children's little theatre movement, which is spreading over the country.

Manchester guardian


For children all play should be work, and all work play. I am glad that there is an institution now which gives the children scope in the expression and development of their talents.

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan


It was almost inconceivable that the children between the age of six and ten could lend such finish to their portrayals.

Indian express


I pray to goddess Saraswati for the success of the children's little theatre movement.

Guru goplnath


It is a delightful experience to be associated with CLT. Calcutta has led the rest of India in theatre movement, let us hope it will also lead in the matter of children's theatre.

Kamaladevi chattopadhyaya


Children have the knack to radiate happiness if they are happy and gloom if they are unhappy. CLT covers that void in the life of the school going children.

Humayun kabir


Magnificent! There's no other world for it. Magnificent fare for the young at heart was presented by the children's little theatre of Calcutta. It is entirely new universe of beauty and true joy.

Times of india


The children's little theatre, it appears, has established itself as a part of the national life of the country

Amrita bazar patrika


The children's little theatre of Calcutta brought a packet of surprise when they visited Bombay a few days ago. Indeed they danced and sang into the heart of Bombay city.



One will appreciate how organisation like the children's little theatre in Calcutta helps in the harmonious development of the child's mind and personality.

Illustrated weekly


CLT remains supreme as the first national body for the propagation of the maxim "education through joy".

Amrita bazar patrika


CLT is not merely an institution but a movement which has revolutionary implication for education. I hope it will become a movement which would beneficially affect the form and content of the present education system of the country.

Dr. K. L. Srimali


The puppetry troupe of the CLT is doing not only a good work but they are also the pioneers in developing new trends in puppetry.

E. Vedickova


The children's little theatre has earned recognition throughout the country. May it prosper in its new home.

Padmaja naidu


On the opening day of the conference, held at commonwealth institute, the Indian troupe performed Aban Patua and Mithua. They were applauded by some 200 delegates from nearly 40 countries.

Bis despatch "britain"


The touring children's little theatre received high praise and prolonged applause at their first performance on the London stage.

P.T.I. london


Although the fame of the children's little theatre of Calcutta had preceded their arrival, i was unprepared for the over-whelming impact their first performance in this country would make on me. For the first time i began to comprehend the true meaning of joie de vivre. This was it.

James cowley, london


Next winter, Copenhagen is going to have their own children's little theatre. It sounds good if the repertoire is as good as the children's little theatre from Calcutta.

Ekstrabladet, Copenhagen


Surprising youth dances from India - these performances were not only of interest to the children but also for the adults.

Kunst, Amsterdam


Wonderful performance! This display gives me great inspiration to return to my country and create something for the children of my own country.

D. E. Davidson, Jamaica


The budding actors and actresses of the visiting children's little theatre literally sang and danced their way into the heart of Bangalorians.

Deccan herald


The children's theatre movement is of more than ordinary significance and the children's little theatre, Calcutta have to be commended for the imagination and organisation with which they are pioneering in India.



We appreciate your laudable efforts in bringing the art and culture of our country amongst the young generation in Calcutta. We really lack such kind of activity in Bombay.

Nayana Jhaveri


Nowhere in India have i seen such solicitude for the growing generation as in the children's little theatre in Calcutta. Nowhere have i seen their talents blossoming out so abundantly as in this theatre.

K.P.S. Menon


With interest and surprise i watched the outstandingly good performance of "Aladdin's wonder lamp" which was fascinating, not only for the children but for grown ups as well.

Peter. V. Butler Vice Vonsul, West Germany

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