What we aim at

The concept of this movement was an urge to fill in the vacuum that is inevitable in a drab school room environment, thus the objectives are.

01.   To supplement the basic education of children with rhymes, music, dance, drama, mime, drawing, puppetry, table tennis, skating, chess, computer and other allied media of children's interest.
02.   To associate its activities with schools, particularly in the nursery and junior section and other children's organisations, helping them to make the class rooms bright and lively and their shows educational and entertaining.
03.   To produce materials for the school room.

To inculcate in the children an appreciation for music and drama.

05.   To conduct intensive research through its own training center, which is the nursery of ideas, where rhythm and music are tested and checked to suit different age groups.

To publish rhymes, action song, notations and plays for children and make cassettes of them for school to adopt.

07.   To organise children's festivals and show at Aban Mahal and abroad for the propagation of CLT technique.

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