Age group:
  Above 10 yrs. - below 14 yrs.
Class House:
  Twice a week, as per class routine. Total 80 minutes daily
  Progressive training in advanced folk and classical steps and basic sense in mudras, talas, leading to production of ballets and dance-drama. Special training in any one of the following classical dance froms:
Dramatics Recitation:
  Training in expression, mood and  movement suited to varied situations and themes, voice projection, histrionic arts.
Make- up & Costume:
  Practical training in make- up and costume and costume selection, matching different characters and occasions.


  Special group:
Joy therapy :
  Special training of disabled and handicapped children under experienced trainers.

Auntie Tara:
  Separate training scheme for children of  underprivileged section of the society.
Music: (Vocal):
  Twice a week 60 minutes daily. Voice training , Advanced CLT songs, and rhymes. Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Geeti and light classical music, Fundamentals of talas and Swaralipi.
Fine Arts :
  Twice a week- 60 minutes daily, Advanced training in sketching, drawing, and painting in different media- pencil, pastel, water colour.
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