The akademi

Initial groups of 20 children each form the nucleus with the age group between 4 and 9 years. Teaching technique is through rhymes, action songs and drawing. At the age of 10, with the basic knowledge of rhythm and steps, The boys move on to specialize on children’s drama while the girls pass on to more serious yet novel work in steps in stages and without being aware of learning new things they progressively to higher level of attainment. Till the age of 14 years they go through successive phase of learning and at this stage there is the parting of ways. Some end with the “Certificate of companionship”. Others, who qualify themselves are drafted on to the Diploma course after appearing in Madhyamic of equivalent examination.

A unique CLT techniques is adopted to gear up the dance training systematically, which is quite different from stereotyped school of dancing. As such, it is to the interest of the children that while under training in CLT they do not join any other school of dancing or participate in outside dance programme except in their respective school of study. Further for the same reason, CLT trainees can not take part in any commercial film or stage programme other than that of CLT.

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