Ballets & Features

  A dream fantasy with animated objects.

Aban patu:
  A table of the little princess who wants to be a great painter. The princess realizes her folly to go beyond nature.

Song of India:
  A ballet weaving varied dance forms of Indian dances- classical & folk dance. Bengal calls all to unite.
Lal pupur:
  An adaptation from Hans Christian Andersen's “ Red Shoes” in Indian atmosphere. The child dance on and on in ecstasy till she finds the Nupurwala in the temple of the lord.
Under the sea:
  A ballet in under- water fantasy rendered from German fable.
Budo angla:
  Adopted from Abanindranath Tagore's adventure story.
  A simple tale depicting “Children are children– rural or urban”.
  A charming Japanese fairy tale in the setting of Fujiama Mountain.

Sat bhai champa:
  Adopted from Abanindranath Tagore's adventure story.
Golden flute:
  A fairy tale, warning against greed.
Wizard of oz:
  A dream land of adventure.
  A jungle adventure drawn from Rudiard kipling's Jungle book.
Joy abounding:
  A tribute to Rabindranath Tagore, based on Tagore songs & dances.

laksmaner saktishel:
   (sukumar roy)
  A fun-packed episode on popular epic Characters.
Crazy squirrel:
  Animal tale primarily meant for K.G. children.

Lalchey buro:
  A fantasy on human qualities.

Beggeing mouse:
  An interesting animal tale for the little ones.

  An adaptation from Oscar Wilde's SELFISH GIANT - with only this difference that the story goes on to a happy climax.

That boy:
  A poignant picture of an unwanted child - Adapted from Tagore's poem 'Chheleta'.

Wily fox:
  Three friends - the cat, the bird and the cock the two rescue the cock from the clutch of The fox.

Beggeing mouse
  An interesting animal tale for the little ones.

Jhagrati parooah:
  Amusing play of the quarrelling alphabets.

  Ballet on the great epic of India.

  A ballet specially based on katthak style of dance.
Madhura angey:
  A tribute to atulprasad, the great savant poet of Bengal.

Bhagya chandra:
  A thrilling dance drama, in Manipuri style. It is based on the life of king Bhagyachandra of Manipur, founder of classical Manipuri dance form.
  A tired soldier while taking rest on his way home, falls in the trap of an old witch. He may have been dreaming but he is happy.

  Dances based on rivers depicting national integration.
  Dance drama on lord krishna in Odissi style.

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