The Beginning

It all dates back to 1949, when in a south Calcutta district scouts rally in Chetla high school, a few rhymes, written by scouter Samar Chatterjee, were demonstrated by the cubs. They were so impressive that the president of the function, Dr. Kaildas Nag highly complimented Sri Chatterjee and remarked- "We have no children's theatre in our country. Why not make one such group!". Since that this idea possessed Sri Samar Chatterjee till in 1951 it took a concrete shape in an organisation that named as “rhythms & rhymes”. The movement was cautiously launched. Encouraged by Sri N.N.Bose and inspired by audience reaction, the first public show was held on New Empire stage on 11th may,1952.

The impact was great and public attention was focused on the pioneering work. Many leading school extended their active support. In a meeting on the 7th july,1952 the organisation was renamed as ''Children's Little Theatre'', i.e., CLT or "Sishu Rangmahal', and was duly registered with the register, Joint Stock Companies, West Bengal under societies act on 16th October, 1952.

Thus began the great movement with a band of selfless workers and a host of well wishers. It now become necessary to have training center of its own to implement the ideas. The seed of the organisation had by then taken roots, and gradually through struggle and success, zeal and conviction, CLT had completed its first phase of existence with the building up of its millions of rupees worth campus-, "Aban Mahal', solely dedicated to the cause of the children. The campus has been very aptly named after the famous writer artist Abanindranath Tagore, as a tribute to the great soul who gave a new dimension to the children's world.


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